Wed 21 May 2014 16:31
21st May, 2014
Position, 18:37N 61:42W
My 68th birthday dawned with a loud bang from aloft, a sound that I have good reason to dread, but on this occasion it was caused by nothing more than the spinaker pole deciding to disengage itself from its previously secure attacement half way up the the front of the mast. Fortunately it remained attached at the mast heel, no damage done, and the problem was quickly identified and sorted.
I managed to get rid of all my Caribbean dollars yesterday, blowing the last 40, £10, on a new mug depicting Nelson's Dockyard in English Harbour. Left there mid afternoon, and a lovely sail around the South and West Coasts before dark. Skirted Barbuda's reefs in the middle of the night, and so no more land until Bermuda.
So, I have christened my birthday mug, and opened my card, thanks Conny and Hannah. And I've baked my birthday cake: blueberry muffins from a well past its sell by date packet. Had my first one for elevenses, and it tastes strongly of soap. I may not have washed the mixing bowl out properly, but ah well, I have been cursing away merrily these past few days, so the punishment is justified.
Waiting for today's weather forcast, some fickleness anticipated, but a useful first days run, and good to be at sea again. It is cloudless and very hot, but the cockpit is caked in salt and uncomfortable. So here at the chart table, with one of my fans blowing gently away, is quite a good spot. Glad to say that there is no rum on board, it does not seem to agree with me.