Fri 16 May 2014 18:01
Friday, 16th May, 2014
Position 14:15.6N 61:47W In the windshadow of Dominica
Generally good progress, despite a much lighter wind today, and now a complete calm behind Dominica. A bit of research has shown that the shadows can extend for as much as 30 miles. We are nearly 20 miles offshore, and it is hard to imagine that those distant low hills on the horizon are responsible for the calm around me. Anyway, engine on, in the expectation that there will be plenty of wind between Dominica and Guadeloupe; although a difficult night ahead, steaming up the lee of Guadeloupe, with certainly no wind, and a careful lookout required. After that it's a short beat up to Antigua. Hot once again, though a brief squall and a spot of rain first thing. Not really settled into the groove of seatime yet, and the pause in Antigua will reimpose shoretime. Well, let it all wash over! Passing a lot of the time with William Boyd. His early 'Ice Cream War' a part of my reading list in this WW1 centenary year, and extremely good. Thanks I seem to remember to Olivia for the introduction! Well suddenly we have wind, so off for now