Bundaberg and Fraser Island

Sat 12 Sep 2009 12:14
Position 24:58S 153:14.00E
Lagoon Anchorage, Fraser Island
Saturday, 12th September
Two busy weeks down under, and this is our first blog. I flew out on the 30 August, and found Fleck safe and well, albeit a little dusty, on the hardstand at Bundaberg Port Marina. She must have been looking forward to her first birthday there, but I snatched her back to sea just in time. As usual there were many fitting out tasks to be done, but no major problems, and the facilities and staff here were very helpful. Charlie and boyfriend/they are getting married next May Mark arrived on the eighth: the same day that Fleck had gone back into the water at the end of a violent thunderstorm: indeed she was launched through a rainbow, and I have the photo to prove it! After the usual last minute shopping in Bundaberg, and last minute problems like my credit cards not working, and no European gas refills in Australia, we set sail on the 11th September, headed generally south, and with two gleaming new Australian gas bottles cobbled to my existing system. Nothing has exploded yet, and Charlie and Mark are proving dab hands in the galley. Yesterday we sailed accross Hervey Bay to the northern tip of Fraser Island, anchoring in the  pitchdark in about 5 metres of sand, and hopefully just off a long beach. We rolled about a bit all night but were rewarded this morning by the view of a wonderful shoreline and bright skies. Today we had a great sail down the Western side of Fraser Island in the very sheltered waters of Hervey Bay. A famous Whale watching location, and true enough we found a pair of humpbacks in playful mood with fins, humps, heads and tails all on display. We have also seen dolphins and turtles, and as an added bonus, nothing poisonous so far. Charlies sea sickness tendancy is well under control in these sheltered waters , so I am keeping my fingers crossed that my new crew stay with Fleck at least as far as Brisbane. It is wonderful that all four daughters have now been with me on parts of this adventure. all very different young ladies, but all wonderful company and all great cooks!!