Saturday 2nd Dec

Sat 2 Dec 2006 13:22
If this is rock and roll, I dont like it as much as I used too!!
Force 6 winds behind us with 15 foot seas, surfing down these at high speed, up to 11 knots in short bursts. Terrible amount of movement on board; however I am in the middle of baking bread, and now I do this trick with the computer: maybe a circus acrobat next.
The navigator has also been busy, and gives the following information:
Position: 21.24N, 23.46W
Days run 134 miles!! (V good)
Note for weather girls: estimate of noon position on Sunday:26W, same latitude
Received Vicky's news flash about the Welsh boats encounter with illegal imigrants. This must have been aweful, and Nick Lewis, the owner, is a lovely man, despite I believe being from the legal trade! With the current seas, and our position, we won't encounter any more who would be in any state to be rescued. It is sobering to reflect on our priviledge, just to be here, and free. Why we chose to be here amongst these big waves is a quite seperate philosophical matter!!