Round the bend

Thu 23 May 2013 15:46
Thursday, May24th 2013
Position  4:37.2S 35:18.9W
Rapid progress with the west setting current, and holding the 'magic' 1km depth contour quite well. So a good first day out, and we are already round the bend at the top of Brazil, and heading generally west north west now, for Trinidad. Will hug the contour for a few hundred more miles, then the current weakens at the Amazon, and the Equator. Sailing has been busy with many sail changes, and lots of big ships, but out this far there have been few fishing boats, and that is good. An unpleasant squall at 2am, until dawn at 5.30 disturbed my rest, but these are going to happen along this coast, so must get used to it. Reef down a bit at dusk rather than with the wind howling in the middle of the dog watch! No pearls of wisdom today, and typing not easy as I have somehow picked up two nail infections, on my right thumb and index finger: could be the result of little teak splinters. Also the river where we were anchored was quite smelly. Wear gloves, be more careful, etc. Seem to have lost my history of the British Empire, but not hugely missed, and we had got to the bit where it all starts to fall apart, and we all know how it ends. Loving 'I Am Red' a total joy. Have also learned how to fix the keyboard so that I can play a bit as we roll along, but it is not so easy to concentrate, or is that just my age!