Telegraph Road, 9th Dec 2006

Sat 9 Dec 2006 13:22
Why Teleraph Road?  Well we havn't had any Dire Straits yet, and we are both fans, moreover if you can download the track, you will find that it, and the lyrics, are pretty lon,g just like our trip.
Geoff has become quite excited now that we are halfway, and has started to guess our time of arrival based on progress so far. Evening on the 18th Dec is the best fit, but this is entirely dependant on continued fair and fairly strong winds. We need an average of 5.5 Knots speed for this.  Things may well not pan out exactly since the ARC forecast warns of a trough moving our way in the next two or three days.
Yesterday we offered to help a non ARC boat in distress about 100 miles south west of us: we could have got there in 24 hrs. Glad to say that another vessel got there much sooner, and took on board two poeple from a liferaft, dont know what had happened, but the yacht was left to sink. One of 'our' pontoons (i.e. we were neighbours before the start) boats has lost its rudder, they are behind us, our offer of help for them was also not taken up, so someone must be closer, or they have made emergency repairs: we all had to have an emergency plan to deal with the eventuality.
Our halfway celebrations last night were enhanced by a surprise package of food the Vicky (Richards no 1 daughter) left hidden on the boat when she visited us in Las Palmas. Friday night was quite an authentic curry night complete with nan bread. Thanks Vicky, you are a star!!
Geoff adds ; I stil haven't developed perfect sea legs depsite two weeks at sea.  I still need the odd pill to kepp functioning, this leaves R to do most of the work 'downstairs' specifically the cooking.  The boat continues to roll from side to side with despairing regularity and even simple tasks like drinking a G&T (last night to celebrate our distance) are quite difficult.  We managed somehow though!  After that, the moon rose again and illuminated everything for the rest of the night.  I howled at it, hoping Tomsk would understand!!
No dramatic sailing news from our ship: Fleck continues to look after herself, and the crew, very well; we try to check that nothing is wearing out and hope our good fortune continues. The lighter winds that we have experienced since yesterday evening have given only slight relief from the rockand roll, they have slightly dented our daily run details as follows:
Noon position; 16.40N, 40.04W
24 hr run: 146 n miles
Estimated position in 24 hours: say another 145 miles west? The weather Girls guess better han us!!