Oh, the heat and the flies!

Tue 17 Nov 2009 05:20
Date Tuesday, 17th November
Location: Cabbage Tree Point, 27:43.9S 153:21.7E
Not too much progress today, but time to catch up on the computer, if nothing else. I set off from Tipplers Passage in good spirits this morning at 07.00 hours, but the wind quickly got up to more than 20kts making hard work for the poor old engine, and as I have mentioned before it is not possible to beat up to windward in these narrow channels. Never mind all that, it was these flies that did for me! Big black jobs attacking my legs, even getting through the long trousers and socks that I hastily pulled on. No idea what they are or where they came from, I swatted about five of the things, but by then they had scored eight or nine goals. They were clever to attack just as I approached a buoy, an especially shallow bit, or a boat coming in the opposite direction: The boat veered all over the place, to the consternation of other skippers, who balefully watched me flailing about in my cockpit with my hat and an old copy of the Syndey Morning Herald, the steering wheel abandoned! Didn't they have an invasion too? Apparently not. As soon as we were past the shallow bits I stopped and dropped the anchor, closed all the hatches, and brewed a cup of tea. And here we still are, its a rather exposed place, and we are slapped by small waves. Outside it remains very hot and windy, inside it is very very hot! I think that we should try and go a bit further this evening, when the afternoon has worn on a bit more.