Tipplers Passage

Tue 17 Nov 2009 04:58
Date Monday, 16th November
Location: Tipplers Passage, South Stradbroke Island. 29:48.8S 153:25.25E.
Nice to see the high rise buildings of the Gold Coast melt into the evening thunderstorm clouds, and even better that the storm stayed there, and did not follow me these ten miles up to South Stradbroke Island Travel times are dictated by the tides, especially as a strong northerly breeze is preventing any sailing in these narrow channels between the sandbanks. So I didn't leave Bum's Bay until the late afternoon,and I got the anchor down just as it got really dark, but with no dramas, as the coloured navigation buoys showed up nicely in the evening light from the west. Tipplers passage is recomended for the shoreside activity: daily charter excursions from Gold Coast are the norm, but the last of these boats have now departed, leaving a nice sheltered area for me and two houseboats to share. We are very close to the mangroves, but a strong breeze will hopefully keep the sandflies at bay. Tomorrow some more tide hopping, over the shallowest part of this waterway into Morton Bay. Wednesday, Manly Boat Harbour and a rental car to get the liferaft to the factory in the Brisbane Suburbs on Thursday, 7.30 am! I am to watch them unpack it, to see how it works, as there has been no way of seeing inside the canister before.