Ah, back up north!

Mon 27 May 2013 15:42
Monday, 27th May 2013
Position  0:30.8N 43:59W
No, not Manchester or Newcastle, but the Northern Hemishphere. And quite a moment of sadness and nostalgia, as I realise that I am unlikely to sail around below the equator ever again. Old Age: when you start doing things for the last time.
But let's not get too maudling, the good news is that after four more squalls during the afternoon and night, dawn, which was exactly when we crossed the line, brought the sun up into a cloudless sky, and we have had a steady breeze all morning, just about laying our new course along the edge of what I will call the 'Amazon Bay Shallows'. If you look at a map you will see that the continental shelf describes a straight line, way offshore, maybe a geography person could say if the bay formed because the Amazon has washed the land away? Anyway I plan to go straight across, staying in nice deep ocean blue water, and avoiding the river detruitus and fishing boats that lie further in. Mixed feelings about missing the Amazon itself. I think overall it is not a safe place for a single hander.
The north west setting current continues to give us a great boost, but I expect this to fade over the next few days; whatever, it has given us an excellent start to this last leg of the trip from the Cape to the Caribbean.