Very nearly there!

Thu 8 May 2008 21:34
Grand wind just now making it likely that this will be my last full day at sea. About 120 miles to the anchorage on the west coast of Fatu Hiva, and if you believe the hype one of the most spectacular anywhere. The downside, for the eternal pessimist, is that the very high mountains close to the shore can bring nasty katabatic downdrafts of wind. We shall see. As you may imagine it feels like the last week of school term here on board. Looking forward particularly to stretching my legs, always assuming that our faithful Avon inflatable dinghy can cope with the surf on the beach, and that I can dodge the enemy fire (sandflies) until I reach the beachhead. Legs are going to be quite wobbly for a day or so, but there is supposed to be a spectacular 17km walk, and I'm not allowed to stay here very long. Shame there will be no laundry facilities, shops, restaurants or fresh water, but I'm well supplied really, and its my own opinion, and the only one that matters until I meet the Customs and Immigration poeple in Hiva Oa that I don't smell too bad. Only dissapointment of the last few days has been a complete absence of fresh fish from the spiesekarte. One last try this afternoon. Wear and tear about the boat doesn't seem too bad, but I can see a lot of weed along the waterline if I bend myself right out to look down and then in, if you see what I mean (but it is still not a good time to fall in).
My thanks as ever to the shore party, especially my closest family, who have made many sacrifices to make this wonderful trip possible. Quick arrival blog, if time tomorrow, then weekly updates, approx., with more frequent messages on the longer inter-island legs.
Good to learn that Laurie, one of Vicky's boyfriends (just joking), is joining us in Tonga. Laurie, either you or the beer will have to travel behind the boat in the inflatable. I am sorry to have to tell you that I can not trust the dinghy with the beer. Looking forward to seeing you!!