Hove to again!

Thu 6 Jun 2013 16:55
Thursday, 6th June 2013
Position 11:17N 59:19W
Some recalculation at dusk yesterday showed my ETA in Tobago to be plumb in the middle of the night, and in the end I chickened out of this, and I have stopped out here, hopefully well clear of the fishing boats, so that I can sail round the top of Tobago, and its offlying rocks, in daylight tomorrow morning. I should then get to Charlottesville before midday, well within Office hours, thereby avoiding the 50US$ overtime charge at Customs and Immigration. Fortunately the seas are quite a bit calmer today, so although, with no way on, we are rolling about a lot, it is bearable. I have been reading up on food in Tobago: crab and dumplings is the local favourite: I shall not leave until I have tried it! I have also looked out my mosquito sprays and lotions: extraordinarily there were none in the S. Atlantic Islands, and very few in Brazil. As I recall, all that is about to change. Another collision course incident with a big ship easily avoided this morning: the combination of my Sea Me and the AIS really gives good information; we are in a busy shipping lane right now, and there is no way to avoid this. Food and Ebooks all holding out well, but looking forward now to a beer or three tomorrow afternoon.