new problem list

Mon 25 Mar 2013 12:35
Monday, 25th March 2013
Position 29:36S 15:30E
1) Amoxycillin good for tooth ache but bad for stomach ache, what to do?
2) Stuck in shipping lane, with many boats to avoid
3) My mended deck leak idea has not worked, computer locker abandoned once again.
4) It is jolly cold down here, dressed for sailing in the English Channel in the Autumn. My French friends will be in St Helena soon, they report that it is somewhat milder up there. Eventually we will be too hot and humid again!
Good news:
Excellent progress overnight, as you would expect with 30 kts of wind behind you: surfing at up to 12 kts! As mast still standing, then assume no major structural damage. Big seas however, and when these have settled a bit I can sail on the beam, and get out of the African Coastal shipping lane.
Loving 'Thinking, fast and slow'.Now every time I decide to do something I wonder if it is system1 or system 2 giving the advice.