If only it was flat

Sun 11 Nov 2012 09:21
Sunday,11th November, 12.00
Position 23:49.5S 52:34.7E
We have made good progress since leaving Reunion just two days ago. The forecast was for calms, so I filled the cockpit with spare cans of fuel, and this precaution, and the consequent tripping up hazard has ensured good winds so far which are likely to carry us to the tip of Madagascar. Yesterday was one of those dream days, sun and a gentle breeze pushing us gently along. Unfortunately it got a bit boisterous last night, and Geoff has adopted his traditional position on board Fleck: head over a bucket! He blames my veg curry, cheeky boy. We hope that matters will resolve over the next few days, but could detour to Madagascar if necessary. Not sure if Goeff could then get a train ticket straight from Port Dauphin, Madagascar to Stourbridge Junction, or if he would have to change at Euston.
A great few days in Reunion, eating at the very french resorts, and climbing down into the crater of the vast volcano at the southern tip of the Island. However it was good to be on our way again. Geoff is not the only casualty. Celebrating our departure, which involved springing out into the wind from beneath the large bows of a moored trawler, we lunched in the cockpit on a run, with neither the traveller or the gybe preventer set up. Of course we gybed all standing and I was run over by the mainsheet car, and then on the way back, by the mainsheet. Sorry if that is a bit technical, but the upshot has been a long laceration of my left thumb, into which I have got a half dozen sutures,and a bruised right lower leg and a twisted ankle. Glad to say that the leg has improved quite quickly, and I can use my thumb a bit. There is a patch of numbness, but not over the tip, and no tendon damage. Lucky, but quite stupid of me.
Well, its time for Nurse Blunt to change the bucket, will update you as we go, Geoff did sterling work on the old computer, making it positively whizz along. Just hope he hasn't deleted anything vital! Best Regards from us both to all famiy and friends, especially in my case to Hannah, due back from Montreal on her Exchange visit, and Charlotte who is still taking exams!