Academic cooking

Fri 5 Apr 2013 12:38
Friday April 5th 2013
Position 18:24S 1:29W, DTG St Helena 280miles
A quiet several days, in typical but light trade wind conditions: moist airstream, mostly cloudy, some sunshine in the afternoon. More good news: my new spreader is on its way, and I am so grateful to Barry, on 'JJ Moon' (my new best friend, who I have not even met yet!), who will collect it in Walvis Bay, and deliver it to me in St Helena, and to Andy and Charles at Allspars. Thanks also to No 1 daughter Vicky, who is paying for all this. Nota bene Nos 2,3,and 4.
A ship came close a couple of days ago, close enough to trigger the sea-me and the AIS, so I know that they and the alarm are all working well.
Got a sudden urge to fish yesterday, not having done so for ages and ages. My trusty home tied rubber glove lure soon attracted a tuna, but it was so big. After an hours struggle the nylon line became so tightly bound around the reel spool that the pressure caused the spool to explode sideways, driving out the reel cage as it did so. Nuts and bolts and bits of plastic everywhere, and of course the fish made its escape: I worry so much that it will now have a lingering death with the hook still in its mouth. Anyway the other fishes are safe from now on, at least from me. I'll stick to my veggies!
I am reading A C Grayling's 'How to lead a good life' (No, dear reader, I don't necessarily agree with you that it is far too late for that). No good clues so far, as the first half of the book is a fascinating history of Classical, Rennaissance, and Modern Enlightenment, and how the Reformation actually got in the way. I never really saw the big picture before, so quite an eye opener. Pity I gave up Latin after two years study at school: all I can remember are bits of the Oddessy, and poor Achilles' heel
So now I am an expert in both Psychology and Philosophy. And I have just turned my bread in the oven, and discovered that I forgot to remove the clingfilm before popping it in: it has dissolved into a sort of spiders web, all over the crust. Will advise in the future if this is removeable, and whether the bread beneath is toxic: though it smells wonderful!