Becalmed, again.

Sun 3 Aug 2014 11:31
Sunday, 3rd August 2014
Position 49:43.6N 9:40.5W
Lovely sunny but cool morning out here in the Western Approaches. We crossed onto the continental shelf just after dark last night, and so sadly, if there were any whales or dolphins about we could no longer see them. We ran overnight with all the available sails set to try to speed our progress. This caused quite a racket down below as they all shook about on the lumpy sea, but depite these efforts we are behind schedule for a Tuesday finish in the Scillies, and the forecast is for very light winds for the next 36 hous. So it looks like an environmentally unfriendly, wallet busting end to our trip, and I am going to try starting the engine in a few minutes, and see if we can get some cooling water around it! We did get some dolphins for breakfast, sorry, at breakfast time, and this was a nice diversion, after an unsettled night. Plenty of shipping still, and Hannah is trying to learn how to make a DSC ship to ship call with our radio, so that she can verbally abuse any super tanker who comes too close! Trouble is, once we take the sails down, we lose all our rights of way! Final blog tomorrow, at which point we may be in the middle of the Traffic Separation Scheme, just west of the Scillies.