Groundhog days

Sun 7 Apr 2013 11:53
Sunday April 7th, noon
Position 16:30S 3:58W
Within a couple of days now of the Anchorage on St Helena, and facing the recurring dilema of whether it will be OK to try a night time approach: there is not much moon left, and it has been cloudy most evenings. We will see. Very gentle peaceful sailing, and frankly not a whole lot to do. One days follow another, and they are very similar. Important not to get too lazy though, on the evening  'ward round' yesterday I discovered that a bearing on the self steering was about to drop out into the Ocean: have banged this back in with a hammer, and maybe I can fix it properly when we get anchored. Had a happy couple of hours at 01.00 last night trying to trace a new squeak that had woken me up. Fascinating isn't it how after a few days you sleep quite well on a boat, adjusting to both the constant movement and the noise. And then the slightest change in circumstances triggers you into wakefulness. Well the squeak wasn't coming from up the mast, and maybe it is from some of the gear stowed on deck. Anyway the boat stopped rolling and the noise went away, and I returned to my bunk.
My history of moral philosphy has reached Stuart Mill and Nietzsche. Mill's virtuous 'higher faculties' prick me somewhat: I should be applying myself wholeheartedly to AC Grayling, but I have to confess that I have an Ian Rankin 'Rebus' novel on the go at the same time, and I manage three chapters of Inspector Jonh Rebus to each of Grayling's little essays. Nietzsche gives me a little headache too, Ubermensche I am not! Great though that Grayling chooses Darwin rather than Einstein or Newton as his prime scientific mover and shaker of the modern era, and we've been to the Galapagos Islands, and stood under his statue!
Should have enough fresh bread to get me to St Helena, where there is reported to be a great bakery. I shall be there for some time, waiting for 'JJ Moon', and my mast parts. But I am looking forward to this: walking on the island, my paintbox and keyboard beckon, and if I get bored then there are always the deck leaks to think about!