Overdrive please!

Tue 20 Nov 2012 10:15
Tuesday 20th November 13.00 Ships time, 10.00 GMT
Position 29:44.5S 36:27.7E
We are well out here, but there is some weather on the way, and we would rather go a little faster to get to a harbour sooner rather than later. This is also necessary as we are running out of apples, Geoff has also calculated that if we are in harbour sooner, then our daily biscuit ration goes up!
So we will fiddle with the rig, then a well deserved lunch: corned beef sandwiches: leftovers from last night's feast of corned beef with sauteed potatoes and onions: not as bad as it sounds, I'll have you know!
Best wishes to all, especially to our weather girls, Vicky and Claire.
Richard and Geoff.