Some important people that helped during the preparation phase

Nicolas & Georges
Tue 3 Aug 2021 19:35
A warm HELLO to all our readers
With this entry we want to thank all the people that were working on our boat and making things happen in time.
First of all a big thank-you to Eugen Munz from X-Yacht Switzerland. He is the one with whom we choose to work in order to find the right boat for our journey. He presented five Xc 50 in a very short period of time. Some were too far away and did not have the basics we wanted. So we concentrated our analysis on the one boat in Holland and got in contact with the Dutch dealer of X-Yachts.
Eugen followed us up very well and did have all the first contacts with X-Yacht in the Netherlands. As we could not travel (Covid) and as there was (and still is) some pressure on the second-hand market we choose to have a "surveyor" going through our boat. He is the one who knows where to look and what has to be replaced . He is independent and his job is to give a neutral opinion to any future buyer.  At this time we already had a reservation on the boat. Luckily our choice was the right one and there wasn't much to repair or replace on Brainwave (future will tell).
If you want to know about things we installed on the boat you can read that in a previous message.
So now we come to X-Yacht in the Netherlands. Our contacts there were and are Nanno and Nikki Schuttrups. They are brother and sister and have taken over responsibility from their father Rob. We were happy during this project and really felt that we have competent people in charge. When you hear someone (Nanno) say that Yesterday evening he was thinking of a good solution for "whatever solution there was to find" you feel comfortable. It was a very friendly and almost family-like environnement and it is fun to work on such a project together with competent people.
Of course we still have some problems to solve
A) Our engine sometimes works and sometimes not (not so much of a problem when your are out at sea). We think that there is air in the system and we cannot solve this issue before getting in the next harbour
B) The front toilet is leaking and we don't have the right O-ring to take care of that problem (will be done in the next harbour). But then we also have a Potty (kind of a bucket to sit on) on board.
C) Our instruments did give strange information and this without us doing anything; that could have been very tricky but we had Navionics (Marine charts) as a backup on our boat
As you can see there is some adventure in this trip but I think that most of these problems will be solved over the coming weeks.
Take care and keep on following us
Nanno from X-Yachts Holland