Fri 6 Sep 2019 19:50
056:21.330N 005:29.628W


We’re back on the water. New sounds: Paramour’s windy has a very different voice to the purr of our old D400. The new one hums, varying her tone and pitch as the wind comes and goes, harmonising with the song of the wind in the rigging. And there's a strange clattering above my head that we never heard on Lochmarin: Aonghas is learning to be a boat dog. He seems to be enjoying it so far. He happily leaps from the dinghy on board and wags furiously once up, patrolling the side decks and doing a strange little dance on the coach roof, rubbing his back against the preventers. Mind you we haven’t actually sailed on her yet, that will come tomorrow, when he may change his mind about being a water dog. 

He loved it this evening though. Instead of taking the dinghy back to the pontoon from the mooring we pootled (we’re running in the outboard) over to a near by island, all of 100 ft across at it’s widest but with trees and grass and seaweed covered rocky bits - all the essential components for an exploration. However we weren’t the only visitors. As we came ashore sleek grey shapes slipped into the water.  About 8 seals, mums and pups, peered at us curiously from the safety of the sea. Aonghas was beside himself, clambering over the rocks to get as close as possible to the intriguing smells he’d never smelled before. It’s clear we were invading their home: they had been feasting on mussels, the clean opened shells were littered all about.

New sounds, new boat, new crew. But the same lapping of the waves against the hull, the smell of the salt air and that delightful unsteady feeling as we are getting back our sea legs. The world is no longer steady beneath us. Anything might happen…

Aonghas’ Island - view from our deck.