Still here...

Sun 7 Oct 2012 12:14
We've not moved. Yes, I know there's all the other Canaries to explore, but something tell us we'll have trouble finding somewhere better than here and we're enjoying it so much that the days are gently flowing by.

Usually, after 5 days, we're feeling we've been in a place long enough, that surely it's time to move on, but we haven't felt that here. Our days are gentle, usually we spend a few hours doing jobs on board in the mornings, jumping over the side for a quick swim whenever the feeling takes us. We do any clearing up, cooking, sewing and boat maintenance jobs. Then we might go into the village or off to the beach - we've had Calm Rhino out the last few days so we've been able to sail up the coast to the village or to the beach - lovely fun, we've been making the other boat owners jealous. We might go for a walk, or chat with another couple from one of the other boats. We had an Englishman with his German wife aboard for a barbecue, they've been enjoying this area for over ten years now! We've found which of the cafe's in town has the best sandwiches (fish with green sauce!), which of the shops has fruit and veg worth buying and the chap here at the internet cafe greets us as friends now.

We want to do some maintenance jobs on the boat before long and we'll need to get some gas sometime, so we will have to go somewhere larger but for now we're content enjoying this little paradise. It's pretty much what we hoped we'd find when we set off from Weymouth all those months ago.