Wed 23 Nov 2016 00:44
08:18.961S 116:40.89E

North coast of Lombok

All’s well. It’s been easy going, mostly motor sailing interspersed by periods gentle slow sailing. The spinner dolphins here look a little different: thinner, slinkier, with longer beaks, they weave in and out between each other when they bow ride, slippery as snakes, - very impressive at night when they are surrounded in sparkles and leave a phosphorescent trail behind them. The melon headed whales have been back, steady and sure, up and down, no show or glitz about them. 

Long beaked, streamlined, slithery Spinner Dolphins and one of the butterflies, that flew over us in a cloud two days ago, takes a rest.

Realising we were tired, and as it looked like we’d be approaching Bali and the tricky Selat Lombok (with currents up to 7 knots) at night, we ducked into an anchorage off Lombok to get a good night’s sleep. So we’re trundling along the coast of Lombok now, refreshed and able to properly appreciate the astounding mountainous scenery.

Passage Food

Day 4 - Breakfast: more oats, apple and sultanas. Banana and pineapple smoothie. Lunch: sausage and butter beans in an onion, tomato, red pepper, mushroom and red wine sauce with pumpkin cubes in mashed potato. Dessert: Passion fruit yoghurt. Supper: we had none. We just crawled into our bunk as soon as we had finished our anchor beer.

Day 5 - Breakfast: toast, jam and marmalade.

This passage cans of food count: 8
tomatoes x 2
red peppers x 1
mushrooms x 1
potatoes x 1
pineapple x 1
passion fruit pulp x 1
butter beans x 1