Catch up pics - Las Perlas

Mon 17 Mar 2014 18:22
The anchorage at Contradora.

Our first night was spent off Contradora, the most developed of the islands. We didn't actually go ashore her, we'd had access to restaurants and had plenty of people around us in Panama, there was nothing here that appealed so we dropped down to the channel between the island they made the "Survivor" series on, Chapera and Mogo Mogo.

The "Survivor" island, Chapera.

I can see why they chose Chapera, with it's gorgeous beaches, ragged cliffs and dense forest. We spent quite a bit of time on it's main beach, coming ashore for a barbecue with other folk from the other boats and just going to swim and explore. 

Chapera beach, along with resident heron.

The beautiful rock formations and the best shot I could get of said heron.

We also spent time exploring Mogo Mogo, We found a path through the trees to the South side of the Island. A dead tree had come ashore, the branches were stuck in the sand but the trunk floated when there was high tide; fun to balance on!


The rocky coastline of Mogo Mogo.

Seed pods in the forest and a yellow warbler - the best camoflagued little bird ever - he chose the right tree!

Lochmarin at anchor from Chapera.