Isla Espiritu Santo

Sun 2 Mar 2014 23:47
08:26.48N 78:51.54W

We found some coral - Yay! It was mostly just one kind so not nearly as wonderful to see as in San Blas, but there were loads of fish there. Damsel fish and parrot fish and wrasse and huge angel fish. All the lovely now familiar fish - but... they were all different. The patterns and colours on them weren't the same and we couldn't find any in our fish book - there's the Pacific for you!

Anchoring just above Isla Espiritu Santo in a lovely sheltered bay we enjoyed a fire on the beach with some Germans and Austrians. Cruising's a very cosmopolitan life. The massive tides here mean that at low tide huge bays are exposed, teaming with bird life. We've seen some wonderful heron type birds, but with yellow patches on their faces, that lead into two fiffles on their heads. The sides of their heads are black and white stripes. Any idea any one? The islands and islets here are quite rocky, some with very steep sides, and most are wooded, sticking up like moated castles in the water, linked together by stone causeways at low tide. In between the rocks are sweeping sandy bays. It's very beautiful.

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