Get set...

Sat 19 May 2012 16:55

Well, the last week or so before we go has arrived. It feels like we've been on a long journey before we've even left... so much work done on the boat, and so much organisation done at home to get ready. Mind you, it feels like there's absolutely mountains of things still to do... but we'll get there.

For example, today we managed to work out how to get the pactor modem to send and receive emails and to get weather reports to our computer, all by radio. We fixed the cockpit bilge pump. We sorted all the screws, nails, and 'odd bits' into pots ready for stowing, we used vacuum compression bags to store spare oil skins, we dragged out all the ropes and tried to work out which ones we could use as cruising chute sheets, which ones as gybe preventers, which ones as spinnaker pole guys... and how many more we needed to buy, or hopefully cadge!

But it's lovely solving problems, overcoming frustrations, seeing things coming together and ... just working alongside each other.