What do you do each day?

Mon 19 May 2014 23:22
Phil the pig whisperer visiting on shore.

Well, each day is different but take today:

We breakfasted (poached eggs on toast - I made the granary bread yesterday) then at 8:30 Phil listened to the Net on the SSB radio, finding out where the other boats were and how they're doing, checking in so they know where we are and that we're fine, swapping weather information and anything else of interest. After that I used the SSB to check radio email and radio in the blog update. Whilst I was doing that Phil went on deck and saw manta rays feeding so we dashed off in the dinghy to go swim with them.

Here's the full Manta Ray movie (3 3/4 minutes):

and here's the teaser (46 secs):

When we returned we decided to launch our sailing dinghy, Calm Rhino, so about 3/4 of an hour later we were off sailing around the bay. Bruce, on Remi De, challenged us to a race later in the day with his little "Bug" sailing dinghy - rather like a wind surfer that you can sit down in.

After a sandwich for lunch Phil went ashore for a while to see how the Tusitalas were getting on with their sailing dinghy work - repairs to the mast and repainting the hull. I went on boat bottom scraping duty whilst he was out, finishing the side I started a few days ago. Phil returned with an invitation for me to join two of the ladies on an expedition in land to find mango trees: they are ripe at the moment and fruit is just dropping out of them, with slightly drunken bees buzzing around the squashed ones and determined armies of ants taking their pick. I help Briana sand the hull of her dinghy a while then saw that across the bay Bruce had launched his bug so I returned to Lochmarin for the race.

We had great fun, shouting "Water!" and "Starboard" at each other, trying to steal each other's wind and force each other off course. Bruce won, decidedly, and we only cheated a little and refrained from water bombs on this occasion. We gracefully retired from the fray at about five, in time for a rum punch on deck then, as darkness fell we went below to cook supper, watch an episode of "The Wire" on our laptop, then tumble into bed, nice and early - tomorrow will be another busy day!

One of the locals in their out-rigger canoe collecting dead coral for a garden path.