Arrived in Australia.

Tue 1 Dec 2015 07:22
30:18.196S 153:08.768E

We got here! The last 24 hours has been a cracker of a sail, mostly going between 7-9 knots, with 20-25 knots of wind, following seas and the current with us. We saw lots and lots of thunder storms and dodged a few, tracking them with radar.

It was great but we're exhausted. I got two lots of 1 1/2 hrs asleep last night and Phil got less. The boats been pitching and rolling and every muscle in our body aches. We have bruises on bruises - I didn't have the lee cloth up and got rolled out of bed at one time, we've banged knees and stubbed toes countless times.

We sailed into Coffs Harbour just as another thunder storm broke, forked lightning on the hills behind the town, 30 knots of wind and big heavy rain drops falling. The customs men met us on the dock and took our lines for us, then, in a friendly, welcoming yet efficient way, sorted customs, bio-security and immigration for us in less than an hour. They took uncooked meats, bacon ham, dairy - but we could keep dairy if it came from New Zealand, all fruit and veg, pop corn, and dried fruit (but not fruit cake). They also kindly took our rubbish.

So that was it, we were cleared into Australia. Wow. We sailed to Australia! It's starting to sink in. We took a walk, our legs feeling like jelly, the ground moving under us, just so we could say we've arrived on Australian soil. And, now, as soon as I've let you know we got here safe, we are going to crawl into bed, and stay there, for a long time.

Day 6: Supper - cup-a-soup! Well we had had roast lamb for lunch.

Day 7: Breakfast - bananas fried in butter, lime juice and brown sugar, with yoghurt; Lunch - pizza with bacon; Supper - pasta with tomatoes, sausage and spinach from the garden.

Day 8: Breakfast - fruit, yoghurt and granola. Lunch - stovies (left over lamb in gravy with onions and potatoes);

Supper: fish and chips in Coffs Harbour, Australia!

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