Medana Bay, Lombok

Thu 24 Nov 2016 03:00
08:21.75S 116:07.742E

Nice view anyway!

We had been heading for Bali International Marina, as we needed to find a safe place to leave Lochmarin whilst we got Herman sorted out, but whilst at Selat Sunglan we had 3G so we were able to do a little more research. We saw some photos. it’s not quite what we were expecting. It’s not quite clear how the dock at BIM stays together, there don’t appear to be any piles, and the pontoon fingers are way too small for Lochmarin. Our only hope was that there would be a berth along the outside of the pontoon but when we phoned them they couldn’t be sure there would be one free. Not too promising. However, we found that the the pilot guide lists a marina in Lombok, Medana Bay Marina, and it was the first port of call for the Sail Indonesia Rally this year so we thought it must be pretty ok and was certainly worth a try. We couldn’t raise them on the phone number the web site gave but we decided to go take a look anyway. Again, it wasn’t quite what we had imagined.

Medana Bay Marina

The dock certainly isn’t up to having us tied to it - it isn’t up to having people walk on it! The boards are there so you won’t fall through the rust holes. We still haven’t heard from the insurance company as to where they’d like the operation to take place and hence how long we’ll need to be away, however we do have an option here. The owner, Peter, is very helpful and suggested that, although we are too heavy for his moorings, we could take a mooring and put out two anchors in addition. If we did that Lochmarin wouldn’t be going anywhere and Peter would be able to make sure that someone keeps an eye on the boat. Sounds like a plan.

Local transport passing by.