Fri 20 Jul 2012 18:02
43:15.75n  08:57.70w

We were glad to move on... it felt like we'd stayed a little too long on one place, it was good to feel the boat moving forwards through the waves, rather than just rocking when a power boat came by, and to feel the wind driving us, and see the headlands pass.

We had to take some care with pilotage now, as this part of the coast line, Costa Da Morte, is littered with little islands, isolated rocks and  and shallow banks. Dramatic headland after dramatic headland passed by, often with low cloud or a haze obscuring them. Some of the outlying islands have seabird colonies on them. As you pass by there are hundreds around you - wheeling and calling. Right alongside you you see them hover, looking down into the waves, then dive, and come back up, disappointed, or triumphant with a fish in their beak. The sunlight is filtered through the spread fingers of their wings.

We had some lovely sailing - bright sunny days, a North Eastern wind, freshening during the day, bowling along us along, the long swish of the prow breaking through each swell, and arrived in Corme early evening. It's a little fishing town, the little harbour behind  the break water is mostly taken up with shell fish rafts, but there's plenty of room to anchor up, which was a good job as when we arrived there were 3 dutch yachts there already, and we were soon joined by 2 more british boats, a French, a German and a rather inconsiderate Russian who initially anchored over our chain!