Crossing the Java Sea - catch up pics

Fri 27 Jan 2017 08:58
02:45.612S 111:43.345E

Passing the North Eastern corner of Bali.

Seeing we’re stuck waiting on weather and doing maintenance I thought it would be good idea to post some pictures of the passage so far. 

Evening light breaks through the squalls.

Watching the storm pass over on the radar. Each ring is 2 miles. Some storms you just can’t dodge.

This is one of the ‘light boats’ that have dominated the night sky. The dangly things on the framework are very high powered light bulbs, each one about a foot long. As we neared Kalimantan there were more and more of them until we could count over 50 around us - we’d clearly sailed into their spawning ground!

The same boat but showing tens of other similar boats all along the horizon.

Our neighbours on the Kumai river.

Our view of the river bank - there’s orang-utans living in them there trees!

Passing traffic… unbelievable number of trees.

An Osprey keeping an eye on us.

Heading along the South of Kalimantan in the shallow sandy waters  (most of it less than 20 meters) the sea was green. I know this picture is very like the one further up - a fishing boat about to be over taken by a squall, but it has literally been squall after squall after storm after squall all the way!