Passage to Australia Pics

Thu 3 Dec 2015 06:19
Red Footed Booby skimming the waves.

Before we left we had to check the boat over for any hitchhikers, and we found this little chap, a beautiful green praying mantis, photographed here on Phil’s finger:

I took a couple of movies as we sailed out of Vanuautu, one is a minute long, the other half a minute, just to give you an idea of what it was like on board, quite a bit of sea making a fast but bumpy ride:

On the third day out a pair of Red Footed Boobies came to stay the night (see blog post “passengers”). 

One landed pretty quickly on the mizzen but the other had a bit of difficulty finding a perch:

One up, one to go… “Any room for me?”

This might work… or maybe this way…

There’s gotta be someway to get on there!

Finally he found a place to roost in front of the radar:

Bit tricky to hold on at first, then finally got it sorted.

No problem for me up here! Well, except for when the boat rolls…

Morning light found them settled in beautifully:

And meanwhile the Shearwaters calmly rode the wind over the waves all night, wondering what all the fuss was about: