250 miles to go...

Sat 19 Jan 2013 10:20
19:23.36N 21:18.87W

The twin head sails coped nicely when the wind picked up, so we left them up overnight, however, especially when the swell catches us on the quarter, the roll was quite strong. Going downwind like that means you swap from heeling to port and starboard all the time, so you can't snuggle in against the side of the boat or against the lee cloth but roll from one side to the other of your bunk. This is going to take a little getting used to so no one had a great night last night, although Steve was compensated by dolphins joining him on his watch.

We also enjoyed the company of a pair of storm petrels just before sunset.

We're making good speed, looking to get in sometime Sunday evening. If it's after dark we may have to slow down and jig around to wait for light next day though.

We've now sailed far enough West to have to change our clocks today, put them back an hour. That feels pretty special; we're exploring the world!

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