Sailing away from land

Wed 30 Jan 2013 16:25
16:45.09N 25:33.12W

It was good to watch the last of the Verdes slip behind us, hazy with the dust of the Sahara, knowing it will be a couple of weeks before we see land again. In the bay we'd been delighted by glimpses of an osprey, flying with his large feathered talons ready below him, or hovering over something he'd spotted. As we left the bay, entering the channel between the two Islands we were treated to the sight of a red billed tropic bird, with it's elegant tail as long as itself, right alongside us.

We had a delayed start as Capucine in her jute boat Tara Tari had to have photo calls and press conferences before leaving, you have to keep the sponsors happy! Stuart and Emma in Amorosa waited as well, as they'll be sailing around the same speed so are going together. Although we will be going faster than them, waiting until they were ready to leave means at least we won't be too far ahead. We've arranged to broadcast any weather news and our position to them and Limbo (who left yesterday) each day and know they can send sat phone or radio email messages should they need some assistance.

We are having a cracking start to the trip, averaging about 7.5 knots with just one poled out jib and mizzen. The wind varied as we came between the islands, first light so we had staysail and main up too, then accelerated in the channel so we dropped two of the sails.

So, after the bustle of getting sails sorted, we are surfing happily along in the sunshine, sails set comfortably, Toad and panels keeping us charged, Otto steering for now. A pleasant contrast to the business of being in port.

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