Catch Up photos of Islas de Cies and de San Martin

Thu 23 Aug 2012 18:51
Ok, first there's the pictures we took (and Norma took when we climbed up to the lighthouse, as we left our camera behind!) when we were Waiting On Weather in Isla de San Martin. 

Here's view of the lighthouse, and the gap between the Islas de Cies and Isla de san Martin, taken from the anchorage:

and here's a view of the anchorage taken from the top of the hill by the lighthouse. Lochmarin's the fifth smudge from the left, sort of in the middle:

Here's me, I couldn't resist climbing in the beautiful wind carved rock, on the way up to the lighthouse (see Janie, I listened!):

and here's us in our Avon dinghy heading back to the boat. The dinghy sprung a leak, a water leak not an air leak, which doesn't mean it will sink, it just means you find yourself paddling in it a bit. We need a nice wide pontoon to blow it up on, fill it with water and see where the water comes out!