Ria de Muros

Thu 26 Jul 2012 14:12
42:47.0N 09:03.0W

We had a bit of a frustrating trip down to the next Ria: no wind! We ended up motoring the whole way, although as it was only about 30 miles it wasn't too much of a hardship, especially as the gentle sea and lack of swell meant we could come in really close to the headlands, going inside rocks and islands we would normally stay well outside of, so that was pretty fun. I spent some of the trip swapping Toad back into being a wind generator, as we wouldn't be towing him on these little day trips and being on anchor most of the time meant the solar panels needed some help keeping the fridge cool, and the rest of the time enjoying the scenery.

Muros is a lovely old town, and it's a pleasant harbour to anchor in. It's built on a hill, with the church at the top and lots of little lanes criss cross up the sides of the hill, narrow and cool in the shadows. Along the sea front are large imposing buildings, with arches underneath them where folk sit at cafe tables out of the sun. They needed to, because it was 32 degrees, and 27 below deck, so we fished out our wind scoops to cool the inside of the boat down. These attach to the inside of the hatch and funnel the breeze down inside the boat:

They work brilliantly, especially at anchor or swinging on a mooring, as the boat is always facing into the wind.

As a result we had a beautifully cool interior, so that evening, when we had 4 friends to supper, the six of us were able to sit at table happily, even after having had the oven on for some time. They were couples from two other boats that we'd come across earlier on our journey, and we invited them that morning, a sunday, so there was no shops open ashore and we all rustled around to see what the store cupboards had in them. We cooked a local dish, fabada, a white bean stew, flavoured with ham and Spanish sausage, and our guests brought a starter and some chicken to share, as well as wine and coffee liquor. After the meal we sat out in the cockpit with candle lanterns, enjoying the good company. It's good to talk with folk from other countries and other life experiences, it was a lovely evening, with good and varied conversation.

The warm weather and being those few miles further south made a great difference to the sea temperature too. Before it was good wading out, but the final plunge under the water took a little determination - although it was lovely to swim in once you did get wet. Now there was no shock as you jumped in, just the lovely feeling of cool water all around you. It was fun to climb the rope ladder on and off the boat, and to swim round her, standing on the anchor snubber line to catch your breath a while.  I realised one circuit was over 100 ft so we could swim quite far just by going in circles around ourselves.

It's my brother's and Phil's daughter's birthday at the end of this week, so we went into town card shopping. They aren't too in to cards here, no big 'clintons' anywhere, especially not in a small town like Muros, however we found a small rack of cards in a tobacconist (they still have them everywhere!) and had fun guessing what the spanish written on them said to try to pick two out to send. We weren't entirely successful as Phil's said 'To my Son' instead of 'To my Daughter', however I'm sure she'll be forgiving!