Up in the mountains and wildlife

Fri 28 Dec 2012 21:30
On the west of the island is the main line of volcanoes. Back not so long ago Fuerteventuro was plagued by pirates, who would raid the place for slaves. As I mentioned, the island has a ring of volcanoes all around it , with a plain in the middle.

You would have thought it would make sense to live in the plain in the centre, however that made life too easy for the pirates, so the inhabitants moved into the mountains and the old capital, Betancuria, is tucked in between mountain passes.


We expected a small town, however it's scarcely a village, with a wonderful old burro powered well supplying the water system to create this oasis in the midst of the volcanoes.


Whilst we were there Phil discovered a previously unknown affinity with nature; he is a squirrel whisperer, Barbary rock squirrels to be exact. A few little chirping calls and these little invaders came running to feed from his hand, as did the ravens and spanish sparrows. I had lots of 'this is where the squirrel was' pictures but managed to get some in the end! We also came across a true Canarian dog, she looked feral but had a tag on a collar on.



I had thought we might find the charm of Fuerteventura in the mountains, I was right.