On the nose.

Sun 26 Jul 2015 03:44
The wind has been on our nose the entire way. Sometimes there's been lots of it: main double reefed or right down, jib with rolls in it. Other times there's been hardly any: engine on, motor sailing as best we can. All the time we're trying to gain a degree or two to bring us up towards the right direction, or trying to decide if the other tack will serve us better. But we're getting there.

Brenda of Scotia said you don't measure this journey by miles or degrees of latitude, you measure it by the layers of clothing you take off. She's right: we started with merino wool long johns and long tops, T shirts, fleeces, womble suits and oil skins over everything. We're now in a single layer below deck and two layers above. Much better!

Most of the time it's not been a comfortable passage so food's been pretty basic or pre-prepared.

Day 1: sandwich and leek and potato soup; Cornish pasties, frozen from the stall at the market.

Day 2: cereal and fruit; Lamb and couscous soup. Supper didn't really happen.

Day 3: cereal and fruit; baked potato with chili(from the freezer) and ricotta cheese; Thai curry (from the freezer, made for us by Carolyn and frozen) with rice.

Day 4: Toast; hotdog instant mash and baked beans, jelly and peaches.

We've been snaking on nuts, popcorn, fruit, dried fruit and timtams (like penguin bars)as well Carolyn's ginger slice and ginger biscuits to help with the odd queasy feeling!

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