Passage pics and Caleta del Sebo

Thu 4 Oct 2012 10:11
Well, this one's not strictly a passage pic, but Norma caught this of Franz and Phil body surfing at Portimao, Phil's head is the black dot on the right:

This one's to try to show you the amazing blueness of the sea it doesn't capture it, you'll have to come see it for yourself, but it gives you some idea!

Here's our poled out goose winged jib, just for Ellie.

Here's an early view of Graciosa

and here's the approach to Caleta del Sebo, showing the stripy volcano behind it. The Fishermen aren't extremely tall: they are standing on the reef.


Here's the fishing harbour


and the slip way leading down to the beach:

as you can see, more African than Spanish looking!