1000 miles from anywhere

Wed 6 Feb 2013 15:34
14:38.62N 42:06.01W

Here we are, 1,000 miles from any land, yet a juvenile red-billed tropic bird, who we've named Arthur, came and joined us for most of yesterday. What is he doing out here? Then this morning he was joined by two others. They are so beautiful, gliding overhead with the light shining through their wings and their elegant, if a tad overdone, tail flicking after them. Arthur showed rather too much interest in our fishing lures so we had to bring them in. We're going to try baiting with a flying fish today, to see what that brings in.

We tried a different sail combination yesterday; the winds had gone lighter and were very much behind us so we goosewinged the lightweight genoa with the jib poled out on the other side. It worked really well, giving a steady gentle motion, compared to the rocking we were getting running on jib and mizzen only, so we're back on that combination today.

The bread went well, I proved it by sitting it in the sunshine. We had Mahi Mahi baps with Canaries mojo for lunch. Olive and sundried tomato bread is in progress today. Supper was amberjack along with potatoes, tomatoes, courgette, olives, capers, anchovies. We tried the plantain fried, and served with yoghurt, for breakfast today. So, still no scurvy.

I was on last watch last night, so saw the sun rise. The sun rising is fabulous where ever you are but I hope I will never forget the colours as the sea and sky turned from inky to silver to blue. I had an 'Oliver moment', as in "Who will buy this wonderful morning?.. I don't want to lose it, so put it in a box for me..."

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