Slowly South and West

Tue 19 Jun 2012 18:43
49:34.13N 05:38.35w

The sky has grown huge. We are sitting in the middle of a huge perfectly round dish, filled with languid, silvered blue, sea. We can still see the bubble of cloud that shows where Cornwall is but there's no trace of land otherwise. In fact, right now, there's no ships in our dish either. The AIS tells us there's a fishing boat ahead, but it's too far to be visible just now.

We've had company though: yellow throated gannets, straight winged fulmars, and, magically, three basking sharks. First his triangle fin breaking the water, followed by the regular left, right, left, right of the tail tip, lazily propelling him on his way.

First 'night watch' has started, 3 hrs on, 3 hrs off. Phil gallantly starting so he will have the hard one - 1 am 'till 4 am.

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