Union Island

Tue 5 Mar 2013 13:21
12:35.698N 61:24.724W

Clifton anchorage on Union Island is an interesting one to navigate. It is sheltered by a reef but also has a small reef right in the middle of the anchorage, named Roundabout Reef. It was very full so we had to wind our way between the anchored boats and moorings to find a place to settle.

The island you can see on the reef is about 35 feet long and inhabited. Russell has been living there for 20 years. We went over to do some snorkelling and met him, he proudly showed us around his Island, explaining how he'd lost his coconut trees and his jetty in  Hurricane Ivan but had since replanted. 

He collects shells and trades or sells them for things he needs, he wanted Phil's cap for example. Here's Spike checking them out.

We didn't want to take his shells or coral but we were happy to bring him water, fruit and some of Phil's unwanted clothes - including a cap!

The town itself is delightful with colourful stalls of fresh vegetables and local crafts, small cafes and bars - a lively atmosphere.

Just next to the dinghy dock there's a restaurant with a pond running alongside the tables and chairs. In the UK this might have been filled with ornamental Koi, here they had sharks !!