Downwind passage

Wed 19 Oct 2016 05:52
01:11.86S 138:01.79E

All's well on board. A steady downwind passage as the monsoon is still in our favour. We even have a knot or so of current helping us along so we're rolling a little but having a very comfortable passage with the jib poled out and the main goose winged.

The mountains of mainland Papua have receded from view so we're back out of sight of land, so we're back to watching the waves as they flow past and ahead of us. When the wind is strong (20 knots or so), the tops of the waves get all excited and run on ahead of the bulk of the wave. They look like children in a playground: half a dozen or so running with linked hands and heads held high, the ones in the middle slightly ahead of the ones on either side.

No dolphins, no whales... yet.

Passage Food

Day 1 - Lunch: brown rice, green papaya, orange and tomato salad with a dressing of lime juice, palm sugar and fish sauce. Supper: Miso soup with left over brown rice and bakso sapi (little meatballs).

Day 2 - Breakfast: granola, boat made yoghurt, fresh pineapple. Lunch: eggs Florentine (well, not actually using spinach, using some unknown green from the market). Supper: beef, aubergine and tomato curry.

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