Sat 2 Jun 2012 17:29
50:08.6N 05:04.2W

We're now anchored at Falmouth, after a lovely day's fast sail. The wind was behind us all the way, waves sweeping along with us as we did some West Country surfing in the sunshine. The wind got stronger as the day went on, rising to a Force 5 then 6. We decided to drop the main and then the yankee jib, as we were getting a little over powered. We had a busy 15 minutes when we found the furling jib had wrapped a halyard in with it, but got it untangled after much letting out, winching in, and letting out again... our arms and shoulders will feel it tonight!

After starting bright and warm, this second of June decided to remind us we're still in England and we finished our journey in the pouring rain, but it's stopped now, we're gently swaying at anchor, there's a brilliant Caribbean restaurant in town (well, we have to get in practice for January!) so all well with the world...