Bumpy bits

Thu 10 Apr 2014 19:38
06:34.63S 104:06.7w

Well, this so called Pacified Ocean hasn't been living up to it's name... the trip from Panama to Galapagos gave a false impression of it. We've been having squall after squall pass by. Quite tiring as it means we have to keep reducing sail, then increasing it, and every time a squall blows through the wind veers around, then backs after it's passed, so we seem to be forever adjusting Sadie (the wind self steerer). No practicing on Finger Piano for me these night watches!

However, we are fine, if a little tired, making good progress, a third of the way after a week's passage, and I am still loving being here, on this bumpy, lumpy, wriggly ocean, with flying fish and my lovely man for company.


Day 7: Fresh pineapple and a banana muffin; chicken Caesar salad; ham, lettuce and tomato sandwich.

Day 8: Eggy bread with ketchup; salmon and prawns paella; cheese and ham croissant.

Even though it's been overcast it's pretty hot here at 6 degrees South so we find we need to drink a lot. Water's great but sometimes one wants a change so I thought you might be interested in what we're drinking. We have juice in the morning made from concentrated fruit pulp, bought frozen in Galapagos and long life in Colombia. We add flavour to water in the day with 'Sunquick' fruit squashes, and 'Tang' powders. These last are like 'cool aid' in America, one has to add at least twice the water they suggest or else they taste too sweet and chemical, they're pretty horrid actually, but sometimes a change from water is just needed. We also have powdered lemon tea, which is much nicer than 'Tang'. The best though is something we discovered in Colombia. It's a crystallized sugar cane juice. It comes in a dark brown disc, like a small discus, which is light brown and crumbly inside. You use it to sweeten lime juice in water, they sell it at the same stalls they sell limes on, and it tastes great!

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