What's up with Thursdays?

Wed 20 Jun 2012 18:45
48:21.59N 05:19.54w

I should have known. What happened last Thursday? Storms in the Bay of Biscay, force 8, gusting 9 and 10. What happened the Thursday before? Yes, un-seasonal storms rolling into the Bay of Biscay, and across south England. What are they now saying will happen tomorrow, Thursday? You guessed it. Not as bad as the last two weeks, but hey, seeing we've France on our door step, so to speak, why head out into 35 Kn winds when we can explore the North coast of Brittany for a while? So we're heading towards Brest, in to Camaret-Sur-Mer.

I'm worried. You see, the deal was, I would learn French and Phil would learn Spanish, so between us we'd have a decent chance of being understood in most places. I figured that, as we were skipping France to go straight down to Spain, there was no rush to learn it, that's what long night watches are for aren't they? Oh-oh...

It was a gorgeous clear night last night, with bright bright stars and no street lights to take away the splendor of the sky. The wind had dropped so we mostly steered ourselves (instead of one of our crew: Auto Pilot Otto, or Sadie the wind self steerer), crawling westwards as much as we could whilst dropping South, only to get the GRIB files this morning, that showed the low developing into a stinker, and turning around to the East again!

No more basking sharks today, I'm afraid, but in the early dawn a House Martin flew by(!) and families of gannets, all in a line skimming the waves, have come by. We've also had two bees and a moth visit us, they must have been starting to worry about all this wet stuff with no where to sit down.

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