Catch up pics - Rio Sidra

Sat 15 Feb 2014 19:20

Anchored below Salardup we caught up with the Field Trippers. They were kind enough to give me my first lesson in paddle boarding - good fun once I'd relaxed a bit. After all, worst case was I'd fall in the water, and that was no hardship! We discovered hundreds of star fish in the sandy shallows. Spike had been getting cross at being left out of the snorkelling so we constructed him a diving bell to keep his feathers dry ( Hurray for ziplock!) and Elizabeth showed him the starfish.


He soon got the hang of swimming, well, bobbing, but to be truthful he wasn't in his element and he feels happier enjoying the hammocks in the shade.


The big day dawned and Lisa and her Capitån arrived for us all in the ulu and, with a bit of squidging, we all fitted in.

Approaching Rio Sidra from Salardup.

Making our way through the 'tidied'  jungle and following the island's water pipe.

Lisa's family plot in the cemetary and avocados ripening alongside.

Being nibbled by the Nipple Nippers.

One of the deeper pools and enjoying exploring.

I don't have any snaps of the trip down the river as we left our cameras in our bags and just took swimmers, shoes and a stick. So I'll leave you with a picture of Lisa and her Capitan and say thanks again to them both for a wonderful day.