Catch up pictures - Australia to PNG

Thu 18 Aug 2016 03:34
Beautiful but hazy PNG. See where the line of trees comes down from the left? Ilo Ilo Bay is just around there.

We managed to get data, it was a bit of a mission. An Australian ex-pat we met here in Samarai called Ian arranged to bring SIM cards back from Alotau on the ferry for us. We then had to get credit on them, involving buying lots of tiny vouchers from the shop here in town, typing in lots of codes then waiting a few hours before the phones would let us use the credit to buy data. We’ve currently enlisted my sister Julia’s help  in New Zealand to put credit on our phones. We’re now officially the poor relations in ‘the islands’ needing the first world family to top up our phones! That should allow us to buy a plan so we can take advantage of any ‘E’ signal (3G is too much to hope for) that we can come across to get satellite images for the anchorages we want to go to and to get out a few photos on the blog.

So here’s some pictures to illustrate the last few blog posts:

Here’s our first passenger, a Boobie, clinging to the edge of the solar panel.

and here he is flying off into the sunrise next day… and what he left behind!

Our poor little Noddie, Big Ears, when he first 'dropped in’. The gross thing is something from his crop he didn’t want just then, the flying fish jumped there.

Land Ho! and the Dwarf Spinner Dolphins who welcomed us.

Visitors in Ilo Ilo

First guests on board in PNG.