Getting close

Sun 20 Jan 2013 11:54
17:51.02N 23:43.30W

Another good run yesterday, we're now South of Jamaica, South of Jeddah, South of Hong Kong...

We have swapped back to a single headsail, dropping the second one I gave myself a rope burn on my left hand (yes, I know! I should have had gloves on...) which is annoying, but gets me out of washing up duties. Otherwise all's well, we're listening to Cape Verde music to get us warmed up and anticipating some fishing today - we'll have to take out Toad.

Beck's food update: yesterday lunch was Padron peppers and Spanish tortilla, supper was roast beef with roasted veg (onion, garlic, toms, courgettes, carrots, potatoes) and gravy. Breakfast today was fresh Scotch pancakes, Phil managed 13, Ben 20 - we'd guessed he'd manage 24 but he supplemented with banana and peanut butter so spoiled his chances.

We've been making about 160 miles a day, and have 90 to go, the swell running up behind us, lifting us, then running ahead, gybing our way, the wind not quite behind us, down to Mindelo.

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