Some catch up photos as we're in a cafe with wi-fi

Sat 7 Jul 2012 11:49
As we could only send blog updates via radio for a while I couldn't add pictures so here's some catch up ones...

Here's looking up at the mizzen staysail that I was talking about, when we were coming around the Raz de Sien. The sails from left to right are the mizzen, the mizzen staysail and the main sail:

And here's the staysail and yankee jib, looking forwards under the boom:

Here's some of us on the Belon River, on our mooring looking from the coast path than runs through the woods above us:

and now looking along the river towards the port - Chez Jacky on the left hand side:

and finally Spike, ship's parrot,  looking out from the headland, across the entrance to Benolet River towards the entrance to the