Sydney Harbour pictures

Thu 24 Dec 2015 03:51
33:50.355S 151:11.429E

Who’d have thought inside Sydney harbour would look like this?
It’s always strange waking up in an anchorage that was dark when you entered it. It’s never quite as you imagined it. When we looked forwards there was quiet, peaceful, Spring Cove, with early morning paddle boarders, kayakers and people fishing from little motor boats. But when we turned around there was the entrance to the main harbour, with ferries dodging sailboats dodging tankers! 

The wake across the foreground is that of a ferry that just nipped through...

We joined the scramble, keeping our eyes peeled as we headed down towards the bridge. Pretty soon the city scape that we’d seen from a distance came back into view, it had been shielded from us by the heads. I must admit, it felt pretty special bringing our boat into Sydney, the iconic Opera House and Bridge gliding into view. 

Along the top curve of the bridge we could see little smudges. I blew up the image - they’re people!

Mind yer backs, coming through!

Going under…

Lookee!  We brought our boat under Sydney Harbour Bridge!

Despite ferries dodging in front of us just as we approached the bridge, we made it safely to our chosen anchorage, Balls Head Bay, sure, to the West is the Naval Base, to the East the gas works, but just here it’s a little haven of peace, except for the kookaburras’ hysterical laughter over some private joke!

Ball’s Head Bay, with Berry Island on the left.