Fare, Huahine

Mon 28 Jul 2014 17:22
16:42.9S 151:02.19W
Being followed by a jet ski through Pass Avamoa at Fare.

We only stayed a night in Fare... not because it's not a nice place - quite the contrary in fact. It has a lovely feel to it; quiet and peaceful, pretty and rustic. 

A house next to the post office on the outskirts of Fare.

There's a little hotel (boasting "Club Bed" on the sign post!), some cafes and lots of little stalls and shops. The supermarket is amazing: it's like a tardis, looks tiny on the outside but goes on and on inside with everything from apples to wheelbarrows. But the holding isn't great in the anchorage and there"s a lot of current being so close to the pass and quite a bit of traffic passing in the form of jet skis and tourist boats as well as cruisers coming and going so we left next day to head south in search of the Kiddie Cats. 

Most of the boats with kids on are Catamarans so Phil coined the phrase 'Kiddie Cats' to describe them. A lot of them are good friends of ours but they have a tendency to travel in a pack, so the kids have mates to play with, thus they can quickly turn a quiet anchorage into a fun, busy, noisy, playful one. After a couple of days of enjoying their company we usually tend to slide off to quieter waters but as we have a 15 year old on board we were seeking them out for younger company.

Like Tahiti, Huahine is made up of two Islands: The Norhern Huahine Nui, and the Southern Huahine Iti, both contained within one reef. We motored down the lagoon for the length of both islands, enjoying the pilotage as we navigated narrow channels between reefs and loving the scenery as we passed hills and beaches and bays in the glorious sunshine with the surf breaking high on the outer reef alongside us.

Looking into the channel between the two islands that make up Huahine.

Looking out across the reef as we traveled down the lagoon with the island of Raiatea in the distance.